lunes, 9 de junio de 2014

Hello Sponsor

Hello! My name is Yuleidy Baquerizo, I am 11 years old , I live in Chongón with my father Jayro Baquerizo, mother Bárbara Solórzano and my brothers Jayro and Ángel. My school name is Young Living Academy, I am in 7th grade, my favorite food is broccoli salad, my favorite sport is soccer, my favorite subjects are languaje and social studies, my favorite color is purple and my favorite hobby is listen to music, I like christian musics and also i like to read the Bible, my best friends are: Ximena, Nathaly, Sthepany, Angela, Karen, Xiomara.
In this new blog I will make publications about my school projects and activities, and how i learn and improve my english.
Me (right) with my friend Ximena